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It’s a fact, women are more prone to complexes than men. But what if we were a little interested in what they like about them? A study conducted by Lalalab with OpinionWay reveals precisely which part of their body women prefer in 2021.

If complexes often make life difficult for us, there are also physical characteristics that we like about us and which give us confidence in ourselves. Rather than focusing on those physical details that we don’t like very much, today we are interested in those that we like and make us feel good thanks to a study conducted by Lalalab (a photo printing service) in collaboration with OpinionWay (one of the first institutes to do its surveys online) which highlights the parts of their bodies that they prefer Europeans (and more specifically the French, the Italians and the Germans). Made with thousands of women aged 18 and over, between January 29 and February 9, 2021, the survey focused on the perception that women have of their bodies and the relationship between self-image and photography.

The look: the favorite part of the body of French women

This study, which was carried out on representative samples of women in France (1004 respondents), Italy (1001 women) and Germany (1014 respondents), reveals that French women are more complexed by their image than their European neighbors. They are 50% don’t like their image against only 34% in Germany and 26% in Italy. But if 58% of French women go so far as to avoid appearing in photos because they do not like the image they return, they still have parts of their body that find favor in their eyes. At the top of the list, not their face as one might think at first glance – even if they are indeed 77% to like it as it is – but their look. Indeed, 89% of French women say they appreciate this part of their face more than other parts of their body. It is therefore their eyes that French women love more than anything else.

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3 easy ways to enhance your look

If, like the majority of French women, you find that your eyes are your most beautiful beauty asset, know that several make-ups are perfect to enhance the look. Among them, the eyeliner which gives a glamorous look to your peepers, the smoky eyes which is perfect to give intensity to the eyes or the simplicity of a curling mascara which opens the eyes and allows you to sublimate it. without eye shadow!

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Foxy eyes: the makeup trend that lifts the look without surgery:

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