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The quest for green in cosmetics is far from over to protect the environment but also our health, while continuing to take care of oneself. On the nail polish side, the task is complicated but we now know the name of the brand that obtains the best rating on Yuka.

And this is the brand Pivolea which is at the top of the ranking of the best rated nail polishes on Yuka (the famous mobile application which allows to analyze the composition of cosmetics to know their impact on health) by obtaining the score of 93/100. A difficult place to get in view of the product category and the many brands trying to offer compositions green in the cosmetics market. Remember, in fact, that when it comes to nail polish, the situation gets worse since most are composed of substances that it would be better to avoid such as formaldehyde (carcinogenic endocrine disruptor), toluene (irritant solvent for respiratory tract and eyes), or dibutyl phthalate (endocrine disruptor). Not surprising when you know the strong smell of varnish which can, in addition, be removed with solvent … In addition, many are the brands of varnish to be applied to the green and who are more and more transparent about the composition of their products: Kure Bazaar, Clever Beauty, Manucurist, Yves Rocher. A necessary transition at a time when consumers are increasingly vigilant about compositions.

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The Pivolea brand

Pivolea is a brand of nail polish that has recently entered the cosmetics market. The latter has many coveted assets in the world of green beauty : she is vegan, made in France and its products contain 84% natural ingredients. A little extra when looking for quality in addition to an impeccable composition: the brand guarantees easy application, shine and long wear.

You would have understood it, Pivolea undertakes to respect our health and environment with products largely of natural origin. “The Power of Positive Affirmations” is the name of the brand’s first nail polish range, a dose of positivity to push us to give the best of ourselves and give us self-confidence.

“Ethical and healthy, PIVOLEA cosmetics mainly contain ingredients from biomass (up to 84%), and that is what we are very proud of! “, can we read on the brand’s website, sober, uncluttered, natural, just like the values ​​it puts forward. On this same website, you can find the varnishes sold individually (€ 19) or as a duo in promotion at € 35 (instead of € 38). “Transparency, healthy and ethical composition, containers, packaging … We want to offer you the best possible experience. If we are already setting the bar high while PIVOLEA is still very young, know that it is not over! “ also claims the brand on its site. An ambitious brand that has not finished offering us beautiful (and good) products. In any case, we can’t wait to test its nail polish!

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