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The NBC drama “This Is Us” started in January 2022 with the 6th and final season on US television. The latest episode gets you in the mood for what awaits you in the series finale.

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  • “This Is Us” started with the 6th and final season on January 4th, 2022 on US broadcaster NBC.
  • The new episode set some important groundwork for the further course of the series.
  • Series creator Dan Fogelman speaks in an interview about the events of the season’s start.

The premiere of season 6 of “This Is Us” rose with the Kate, Kevin and Randall’s 41st birthday one. But at the beginning of the series finale of the NBC drama, the Pearsons were busy with much more than just lighting candles and cutting cakes.

Episode 1 of the finale starts on quieter notes than it the turbulent finale of the 5th season suggested. However, that does not mean that it was less dramatic. Fans of the series should be there carefully introduced to the new events will.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) learned that his joint arrangement with Madison (Caitlin Thompson) was proving untenable. That may not come as a surprise considering he lived in Madison’s garage.

But what really amazes series fans is that Kevin reluctantly agreed to sign up for the Commit the restart of “The Manny”. The very series that helped him to fame, but also caused a career crisis.

Dan Fogelman, creator of “This Is Us,” confirmed in an interview with online magazine Entertainment Weekly that Kevin’s decision felt “a little confusing”. But now, as he “puts his career first, returning to the crime scene was an exciting comedic opportunity” that the series creator naturally did not miss.

Yes, we will incorporate ‘The Manny’ into the series in a number of ways. That was, at least for me, something I was expecting with excitement: Kevin is returning to his series, which is the source of his disillusionment, his dissatisfaction at the beginning [von “This Is Us”] was.

Dan Fogelman in Entertainment Weekly


The big quiz on This is Us

How does Randall embarrass himself at a school event for one of his daughters?

The big quiz on This is Us

His brother Randall (Sterling K. Brown) also struggled to focus on his special day. The man, who broke into her house, was charged, but even Beth’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) wife’s tempting offer couldn’t stop Randall from confronting the guy.

The perpetrator apparently suffered from mental health problems. Randall, sensitive as he is, decided to put the man in a home. Ultimately, however, Randall was transferred.

Her sister Kate (Chrissy Metz) had to have her special day without husband Toby (Chris Sullivan) partying and taking care of the kids. And so they show up first cracks in their long-distance relationship. Not a good sign for their already troubled marriage.

Toby turns up to everyone’s surprise at the end of Kate’s special day. But that doesn’t make up for the fact that he was not there for her and the children on her birthday. This premonition that this behavior could become part of everyday life for Kate and Toby adds additional tension to their relationship.

That’s what we’re trying to say. It’s not just about missing the birthday, it’s about what comes after: the difficulties that will arise from the long-distance relationship. Not only do they argue about their distance, but also that Toby can no longer put the children to bed. Or because he doesn’t know how Kate’s daily plans have changed due to his absence. Toby, on the other hand, feels condemned as a bad father, even though he is actually only trying to support his family with his work.

Dan Fogelman in Entertainment Weekly

in the The focus of the first episode was the Pearson mother Rebecca (Mandy Moore). She received more disturbing news in her fight against the early onset Alzheimer’s disease. This was particularly evident in the scenes in which she tried to remember a single word, which, however, simply could no longer be reached in her foggy head.

Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s disease will certainly be a central theme of the final and sixth season. So they decided Series maker initially for this quiet introduction. “It’s hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone with this disease, especially in the early stages,” explains Fogelman.

At this stage in the series, I’m very interested in Rebecca having moments with her family that she knows can be fleeting […]. When we get the topic [Alzheimer] come on, then we want to do it right. We want viewers to empathize with the frustration and fear they are feeling. So that was something […] We made sure that it came off right in this episode.

Dan Fogelman in Entertainment Weekly

So with the first episode of the sixth season you get a calm and yet promising start that leads to the big series finale. So you can look forward to more exciting and dramatic episodes of “This Is Us” every week.

You are currently watching the current episodes of season 6 “This Is Us” on US television on NBC. Fans in Germany have to be patient before publication. But we’ll show you a way how you can watch season 6 parallel to the US broadcast.

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