This is what might happen to you if you play too much Baldur’s Gate 3

Anthony Roche

September 23, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.


Critical Fail Baldur's Gate 3 © IGN


If there is almost only enough for Starfield in recent days, we should not forget the other big video game hit of recent weeks which is Baldur’s Gate 3. In any case, the artist Tom Cardy seems to be playing it. Maybe a little too much, in fact.

As luck would have it, we were already talking to you about this lively Australian artist some time ago regarding a dark affair with Pluto… He is now back with a new music video as hilarious (if you speak English, however) as catchy, and also much too accurate for fans of role-playing games and the Larian Studios game.

Nat 20 let’s go

As is often the case, he plays several characters, who here role play. Interspersed with critical dice failures (which come from Baldur’s Gate 3which has just benefited from a new major patch), improbable passages and a glorious “flute”, the game is obviously not going as it should.

The video is so successful that even Larian Studios tweeted about it. Do yourself some good, and listen/watch Tom Cardy (and play Baldur’s Gate 3).

This is what it’s like to play Bard. Insulting someone to death…hits differently.

(it hits the soul). »

Source : Tom Cardy on YouTube

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