this is what the CWC method consists of, the best for taking care of your hair

It is often difficult to find a hair routine adapted to your hair type. Dry, curly, frizzy hair… It’s a real headache to find the right care.

Dry hair and abysses ? Don’t know how to overcome your split ends? The CWC method is the one for you! With just two beauty products, this simple and effective method will allow you to take care of your weakened hair.

If you have dry and damaged hair, the CWC method is for you! In fact, this method consists of simply using two products: your shampoo and conditioner. We’ll explain it to you.

What is the CWC method?

It is often complicated for women (and for men who are concerned about the skincare products they use) to find the products suited to their needs. That’s why when there’s an effective beauty tip to share, don’t hesitate! Today’s one will concern people with dry and damaged hair. Sometimes difficult to discipline and maintain, we have found the ideal method to make your life easier: the CWC method or even “Condition” = conditioner, “Wash” = shampoo and again “Condition” = conditioner.

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Ideal for your dry and damaged hair, the CWC method consists of applying shampoo and conditioner successively to your wet hair. This allows you to take care of your hair and have a hair routine that is perfectly suited to your dry and damaged hair!

The advantages of the CWC method

It is important to remember that your shampoo is only used to wash your scalp. It is therefore inevitable to find a suitable care product, in this case a conditioner, to apply to your lengths and anticipate the appearance of split ends. Thus, thanks to the CWC method, your hair is washed and impurities eliminated and your ends are protected and repaired: the perfect combo to find perfect, hydrated and healthy hair.

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The CWC method is therefore simple: to wash your hair, All you have to do is apply your shampoo then successively apply your conditioner to prevent your shampoo from attacking your hair and stripping it. After rinsing your hair, simply leave a new layer of your conditioner on for a few minutes then rinse again. With this new tip, you can have dream hair!

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