This is what your favorite series says about your personality

Your favorite series reveals that about you

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The characters in our favorite series can accompany us like good friends. You can find out what your TV favorites say about you here.

Regardless of whether we bang our favorite series on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. or prefer to watch classic TV – TV shows can help us to switch off from the stressful everyday life, they can inspire us and sometimes even teach us something. And that’s exactly why it is so meaningful what we like to watch most. Because our Netflix history reveals a lot about our character.

What your favorite TV series reveal about your personality

Suspenseful: “Breaking Bad”

It has to be really exciting for you and full of plot twists. Thrillers like “Breaking Bad”, “House of Cards” or “Peaky Blinders” are exactly your thing. But you can also gain a lot from current hypes like the Korean hit series “Squid Game” – the main thing is that you can really immerse yourself in a complex plot. It can also be a little more brutal. You are probably interested in politics and you are very analytical. In addition, you also have an extroverted and adventurous side.

Realistic: “Love Island”

Do you love reality shows like “Love Island”? You probably won’t miss “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, “The Bachelor” or “Germany’s Next Top Model” either. You just love the drama – pure escapism for you. Reality TV fans tend to be very open and friendly. They love parties and enjoy being in company. By the way: One study proves that trash TV connoisseurs are particularly intelligent. And because you’re somehow ashamed of your guilty pleasure, you tell everyone about this investigation – whether they want to hear it or not.

You go, Girl: “Sex and the City”

What attracts you to TV shows are often complex women’s friendships – especially in an exciting (professional) environment. Your favorites include “Sex and the City”, “Girls”, “The Bold Type”, but also “Orange Is the New Black”. You are probably very successful professionally, and your career is your number one priority. Immediately afterwards your best friends come: inside – without them, nothing works for you. Fans of typical female empowerment series are also empathetic and very interested in relationships – even if it may not always work out in their own.

Fantastic: “Game of Thrones”

Do you prefer fantasy or science fiction? You devoured “Game of Thrones”, as well as maybe “True Blood”, “Stranger Things” and “The Walking Dead”. You love to immerse yourself in strange worlds. You are creative and you have – of course! – a blooming imagination. If you love fantasy series, you are likely to be reluctant to be the center of attention. You feel most comfortable in your own four walls – you prefer to go on crazy trips on the TV screen.

Everything relaxed: “Gilmore Girls”

If feelgood series like “Gilmore Girls”, “Modern Family”, “Chesapeake Shores” or “New Girl” flicker across your screen the most, you are probably looking for relaxation from the drama of your everyday life while watching TV. You long for an ideal world in which the biggest problems are a decorative war between the owner of the diner and the owner of the supermarket. You love romance, are more of an introvert and need a lot of time for yourself to recharge your batteries for the outside world.

Nerds among themselves: “The Big Bang Theory”

Sheldon and Co. are your favorite TV heroes: inside? Then you’re probably a little nerd yourself. Your favorite series like “The Big Bang Theory”, “Community”, “The IT Crowd” or “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” portray lovable outsiders. You’re likely to be shy, too, but you thrive in the right company. You love to laugh – just not everyone understands your humor: r. You are unconventional and above average intelligent.

Crime fan: “True Detective”

Do you particularly enjoy watching crime series like “True Detective”, “How to Get Away with Murder”, “CSI”, “The Sinner” or “Criminal Minds”? Then you are very curious and absolutely nothing will escape you. Do you love to observe people and are you also interested – or are you particularly? – for human abysses. You do tend to be a little neurotic, however.

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