this is why he never collaborates with his brother Gilles Lellouche

Although they both shine in the world of cinema, Philippe Lellouche and his little brother Gilles Lellouche never work together. The eldest has finally revealed why in the columns of the “Journal du Dimanche”…

Did you know ? The actors Philippe Lellouche and Gilles Lellouche are brothers! Although both are known for their numerous film roles, the eldest, Philippe, who is 57 years old, is also a director and also flourishes in the theater. The one who was married to the actress Vanessa Demouy is renowned for not having his tongue in his pocket and he recently distinguished himself by criticizing the world of influence.

It’s another planet for me, I don’t understand. Yes, it falls from the sky! When I hear the guy saying “it didn’t fall from the sky”, Yes it is ! But be careful because the rain stops from time to time! I have the impression that all this is not a job. I can’t take this seriously and it scares me. […] I always admire the people who work. Whatever the salary, working is very important in your life” he declared live in Touche pas à mon poste.

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Phillipe Lellouche and Gilles Lellouche never together on screen

On the occasion of his big return to the theater, Philippe Lellouche spoke in the columns of Sunday newspaper. The opportunity for him to reveal why he has never appeared in a film alongside his little brother Gilles despite their complicity. “There is no desire to separate things, we love each other too much for that. It’s true that having both of us on set would be complicated.we were having too much fun” he analyzed.

And added: “We quickly become unbearable. Even in the evenings with friends, we regain our kid reflexes. But I think it will happen“. It remains to be seen whether a director will succeed in convincing the two brothers to share the stage for a hilarious shoot.

As a reminder, Philippe Lellouche is the father of four children, Sam born in 1995 from a first union, Solal (born May 17, 2023) and Sharlie (born May 5, 2011), both from his marriage to Vanessa Demouy… and a little girl born in July 2018 from his relationship with his new partner Vanessa Boisjean.

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