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On July 8, Amber Heard’s lawyers requested the annulment of the trial which opposed her to Johnny Depp because of the identity of one of the jurors.

The rumor is confirmed. On July 1, Amber Heard’s attorneys released a 43-page filing claiming there wasn’t enough evidence against the actress, but also that one of the jurors did not appear to be the correct one. Indeed, some documents indicated that the juror was born in 1945 and others in 1970. “This discrepancy raises the question of whether juror 15 actually received a summons to serve on the jury and was properly vetted by the court to serve on the jury”, noted the report. This time the error would be confirmed.

On July 8, Amber Heard’s lawyers drafted a official request for have the trial dismissed face of Johnny Depp and confirm the doubts about the identity of one of the jurors mentioned in the first report, reveals the site Deadline. “Based on newly discovered facts and information, say the lawyers, Juror #15 was not the person summoned for jury duty on April 11, 2022, and, therefore, was not on the jury panel and should not have been on the jury for this trial.” Due to this error, it is requested thata procedural defect be declared anda new trial be ordered.

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“The two individuals apparently live at the same address”, states the report, and share the same last name. Only one is 77 years old and the other is 52 years oldit is the younger of the two who presented himself to sit during the trial when he “was never called for jury duty on April 11 and has not ‘listed’ as required by law”.

However, several protective measures exist to avoid this type of situation. The Court is required to verify jurors’ ID and information and each juror must log into a server using their seven-digit juror number, postcode and date of birth . If such an error could have occurred, it is because no one asked him for an identity document or that the juror produced a false one and that there was an intentional or accidental error when connecting to the server , assures Deadline.

Thus, the report concludes, “Ms. Heard respectfully asks the court to declare a mistrial due to improper attendance of a juror in violation of her right to a fair trial, and to order a new trial, as well as any other action or relief. appropriate”.

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