this last poignant SMS to his father

In an article in Paris Match, Christophe Dominici's father shared the last text message received from his son a few days before his death, on November 24, 2020.

On November 24, 2020, France lost a renowned sportsman, Christophe Dominici, aged 48. The former rugby player is found dead near the Saint-Cloud park, after falling several meters. It is the shock for his family, including his wife, Loretta Denaro, who does not believe in the suicide mentioned by the investigators. Christophe Dominici's father, Janot Dominici, confides in Paris Match, in an article published on February 25, 2021: "We could have saved him." The bruised father also evokes the last SMS of his son, received a few days before his death.

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born on 05/20/1972

Christophe Dominici's SMS

Janot Dominici explains to the magazine that he rereads again and again the last text message sent by his son a few days before his death and tries to understand. Following the athlete's two hospitalizations for depression, the father wanted to instill courage in his son by sending him these words: "Joe Biden's dad (you know he's had a lot of misfortunes in his life): 'Champion! A man's measure is not how often he falls, but how quickly he gets up. '. And I tell you the same, my darling. I love you ". To this, Christophe Dominici had replied within a minute: "I love you dad". A phrase that resonates in the heart every day by Janot Dominici.

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