this limited edition is a little pleasure for the eyes

As of August 18, VanMoof will be selling a limited edition of its S3 electric bike. Soberly called VanMoof S3 Aluminum, this model is adorned with a brushed aluminum frame with the most beautiful effect.

Source: VanMoof

Stay tuned, because there won’t be any for everyone. The VanMoof S3 Aluminum electric bike will go on sale from August 18 on the official website of the Dutch manufacturer, in “a very limited number“Warns the brand in a press release. And this “for a short time“, she outbids.

Matrix screen

This unique limited edition therefore plays the rarity card to win over enthusiasts. This is also the first time that a unique color has been imagined for the VanMoof S3. And this is the only change made to one of the group’s flagship models: the technical data sheet has absolutely not changed.

The still unique chassis still offers a black LED matrix screen “which shows your speed, battery level and power assist level“. It is incidentally framed in brushed aluminum. To contrast with this effect, the black color invites itself on the handlebars, the saddle or the 28-inch tires. The set is really pretty to contemplate.

Available in France, but at what price?

Housed in the hub of the rear wheel, the motor is capable of propelling the bike to a speed of 25 km/h, as required by law. It also has a generous torque of 59 Nm, always useful for climbing hills. On the safety side, there is also a question of the most reassuring hydraulic disc brakes. The range is at least 60 km.

While not all markets are affected by this limited edition, France is part of it alongside the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. You will have to pay the sum of 2698 euros to get it, against 2498 euros for the classic version. Or 200 euros more requested on the final note.

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