This little boy thinks his sister "lives in the dark"

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This 3 year old boy is convinced that his little sister, who is still in his mother's womb, lives in the dark. So he decided to turn on all the lights in the house so that she wouldn't be afraid.

Minute cute! The mother of a 3-year-old boy recently posted a message on Reddit, a community website, that made many smile. She is pregnant and explains that her baby boy is in all its states because he fears that his little sister is afraid of the dark in his belly. Amused but slightly worried, she wanted to seek advice from Internet users.

"He is an adorable boy and despite his young age, he always wants to take care of everyone, that is why the last two days he was sad and cried because he is convinced that his little sister lives in the dark in my belly.

We were decorating the room of the future baby and he asked me if his little sister had a lamp in my belly, I replied no and he started crying asking "why"? “What if she was afraid of the dark”?

After that, he told me that I had to sleep with the light on so that his little sister would not be afraid. "

This mom and her husband tried to make their little boy understand that the baby was fine, but he didn't want to hear anything.

"My husband told him that she couldn't see in the dark because she still had her eyes closed, but he started asking if her little sister was blind so we talked to him for hours (I swear , we really did) and he was fine after that. But suddenly he started to turn on all the lights in the house so that his little sister no longer lived in the dark anymore.

If someone has the misfortune to turn off a single light, he gets angry, cries and says that all the lights must stay on so that his little sister can see them … For us it's fun and cute but we would like let him understand that his sister does not need light at the moment, but he does not want to hear anything, we need help! Lol. "

This little boy is still very very cute.

by Barbara Ejenguele