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/ Mom / Baby / At 18 months old, this little girl receives her dad in his "restaurant" (and it's adorable)

On Instagram, an American father revealed overly cute photos of his 18-month-old daughter's restaurant, where she received him at the best table.

No, the restaurants have not yet reopened. However, a father from the United States was able to book a table in the best establishment: that of his 18-month-old daughter. Little Ava recently received a miniature kitchen as a gift. And to welcome her dad, she put the small dishes in the big ones. The little girl hung a heart-shaped balloon on the chair and remembered to place the condiments and cutlery on the table.

Her father Chris had fun on this little activity on Instagram. He even decided to leave a review at the restaurant.

I had to wait 45 minutes for my order when I am the only customer of the establishment. At the beginning, she made pretty efforts. Then she stopped for 20 minutes to go watch her cartoon. Customer service could be better but the cook is lovely, so I'll give it another try.

A privileged father / daughter moment, which has greatly cracked internet users.

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