this little-known aspect that causes a lot of frustration among mothers

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If the mental burden suffered by women is increasingly highlighted, there are still many things to talk about on this subject.

Doctolib recently revealed that 85% of appointments made on the platform in 2022 were at the initiative of women. This figure is one more illustration of the mental burden on women. We suspected it a little bit, but the figures are still extremely revealing. and the platform intends to shake things up so that the distribution is more equal. The mental load of women definitely affects all areas of life.

Renee Reina is a content creator. In an episode of her podcast “The mom room”, she spoke with Ashurina Ream, clinical psychologist. She highlighted an unsuspected aspect of the mental burden suffered by women: all research on education and child development.

The unsuspected part about the mental load

And the mental load still questions as much as a video clip of the podcast that she shared on her Instagram account has been viewed more than 860,000 times. In fact, mothers take care of research on parenting, and right from pregnancy. She explains in her podcast: For the most part, these are moms who follow parenting accounts, who listen to parenting podcasts. So we put all these tools together to be able to manage certain situations with our children, whether it’s a tantrum, or difficulties at bedtime and it’s also like a huge invisible load as if you were the only one who takes the time to learn tools and strategies to better live your role as parents.” After researching, reading, understanding many things you have to pass them on to your partner and it’s extra work.

In the end, the mothers take care of all the research beforehand: when the spouse goes shopping, most of the time the shopping list was prepared by the woman who thought of the menu for the week. This is an aspect that is found in many situations, the woman is both a reminder, a source of information and an external memory for the spouse and the children of the family! Women do not hesitate to testify to lengthen the list. We know the tip of the iceberg but there is also a submerged part that should not be overlooked.

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How to end the mental burden?

Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe to end the mental load but above all it is important that your partner becomes fully aware of his role and yours. Sit down to discuss it and put things clearly on the table can help the spouse realize the burden on your shoulders. Attention this is not the competition of what makes the most or the least in the house! Communication is the key as in many situations, do not hesitate to say clearly how you feel before exploding. It takes the right balance between daily chores, time with your kids, time with your partner, and most importantly, time for you.

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