This little robot vacuum cleaner on sale for less than €100 goes to the essentials

[Deal du jour] There are many robot vacuum cleaners for every home and every budget. This Robot Vacuum E12 from Xiaomi is certainly a basic model, but it is clearly worth it at less than €100.

What is the promotion on this robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi?

Xiaomi’s Robot Vacuum E12 robot vacuum cleaner is normally sold for €199.99. It is currently offered at the price of €99.99 on the Xiaomi website.

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What is this robot vacuum cleaner?

The Robot Vacuum E12 is a small entry-level model perfect for equipping yourself without breaking the bank. Its ease of use is ideal if you have never had this type of device before. Its classic design and its dimensions of 325 × 325 × 80 mm in height make it a device that goes relatively unnoticed. It can also easily slip anywhere, including under certain furniture, and detect stairs and walls to avoid possible falls and other shocks.

The Vaccum E12 is equipped with two brushes. The first rubber one is close to the ground and allows for deep cleaning. The second is responsible for collecting the dust and sending it into the bin. A washing function with a mop and a 400 ml water tank is also present. The maximum suction power of the Vacuum E12 is 4,000 Pa, with four power levels available. The vacuum cleaner is effective, except for larger debris which will not always be vacuumed up.

The Robot Vacuum E12 easily fits under certain furniture // Source: Xiaomi
The Robot Vacuum E12 easily fits under certain furniture // Source: Xiaomi

Is this robot vacuum worth it at this price?

Even if the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E12 does not rise to the level of high-end vacuum cleaners, it remains a perfectly recommendable model for less than €100. It also includes some features found on more expensive models. The Xiaomi Home application, available on iOS and Android, allows you to schedule a wash or vacuum remotely. You can also adjust the suction power, or monitor your companion in real time.

The voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are there to control the vacuum cleaner by voice. In terms of autonomy, allow almost two hours of cleaning in vacuuming and washing mode and four hours of charging. Note that the Robot Vaccum E12 returns to its charging base on its own.

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