This little robot vacuum cleaner on sale is perfect for doing less housework

[Deal du Jour] The iRobot Roomba 697 is a perfect robot vacuum to eliminate dust and help you with your cleaning, without breaking the bank. Equipped with the bare minimum, it still includes the essentials for effective cleaning. It is currently available for less than 220 €.

What is the promo on the Roomba 697 robot vacuum cleaner?

The Roomba 697 Dirt Detect usually sells for around $300. It is currently offered on Rue du Commerce at a price of €219.

What is this iRobot connected vacuum cleaner?

iRobot has an extensive range of robot vacuums, from entry-level to premium models. The Roomba 697 falls into the first category, but performs well enough to clean floors effectively. Its rounded design is classic and it looks like most of its colleagues. With a height of 9.3 cm, it can easily fit under most furniture. It is also equipped with a self-adjusting cleaning head, which adapts its height to clean carpets or hard floors.

Two multi-surface brushes take care of capturing dust and other debris. The first of these brushes can loosen and dislodge dirt on the floor, while the second sucks up debris. Don’t expect miracles on the toughest dirt. Without a washing function, the Roomba 697 is content to vacuum. A third side brush removes dirt along walls and in corners. A combo of three effective brushes that easily replaces a manual vacuum cleaner.

The Roomba 697 can easily vacuum carpets and rugs // Source: iRobot

Is the Roomba 697 a bargain at this price?

That’s a bargain for a robot vacuum that cuts to the chase. The absence of a drain base or washing function limits its use. But at this price, it’s still a great deal for small areas to clean. The Roomba 697 has a dirt sensor, called Dirt Detect. The latter indicates to your robot the dirtiest areas so that it cleans them thoroughly, or makes several passes. Its navigation technology allows it to avoid certain objects on the ground, so as not to needlessly get caught in an obstacle.

The Roomba 697 has several smart features that can be used with the iRobot Home app. Thanks to your cleaning habits, it can make suggestions for a personalized cleaning, or suggest additional cleanings in specific cases. Its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant lets you control it with your voice. Finally, autonomy level, count about 1h30 of battery.

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