this long-awaited screen function should arrive

Once again, the iPhone 14 has the right to new clues. This time it concerns its screen and a long-awaited feature.

The same rumor has been circulating on the internet for many months now about the screens of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max which would have an Always On display. This feature already present in the competition allows you to have the screen always on like on an Apple Watch. Darkening the rest and hiding unnecessary items to save battery.

Two developers give information on the iPhone 14

This is the 9to5Mac site that shares information that comes from a developer on Twitter. According to him, the latest Xcode beta suggests the arrival of the Always On display on the iPhone 14 Pro.

To add a layer and consolidate the information, another developer by the name of Steve Moser explained that the iPhone 14 Pro could remove certain details in the widgets once the screen is locked. Obviously nothing has yet been formalized but it is still starting to make a lot of information on the same subject.

A taste of the “Always on Display” feature of the iPhone 14 Pro may have been leaked by the Xcode 14 beta 4 simulator. Attached are the first two images of a video. The first image (Always on Display mode) removes the texture from the whale image in the widget.

It only remains to wait for Apple to formalize all this during an official presentation. It also remains to be seen whether this function will not be too energy-intensive for the battery.

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