This makeup trick will instantly make your lips look fuller

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This makeup trick will instantly make your lips look fuller

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Have you always wanted fuller lips? Then we have the ultimate make-up trick for you, with which you can easily make-up voluminous lips.

How come influencers on Instagram or TikTok always have plump, full lips? Sure, many of them have their lips injected with fillers – sometimes it looks great, but every now and then it’s too much of a good thing. “Made” lips quickly look overdone. This is perhaps also a reason why many people shy away from having their lips treated with fillers.

Fortunately, there is also a method that you can use to optically enlarge your lips without any pricks or injections. Lip ovaling is a make-up trick you should definitely try. We explain it to you step by step:

Thats how it works:

1st step

First, use a lip liner to mark the middle of the upper lip, the so-called cupid’s bow. Also trace the edge of the lower lip in the middle. Then you connect the points (middle of the upper and lower lip) with a round circle. It looks like you’re painting a kissable mouth on your lips.

2nd step

Then continue the line of the lip liner up and down from the edge points of the circle into the corners of the mouth until the lips are completely outlined.

3rd step

Then you blend the contours of the lips with a cotton swab or with your fingers and fill in the inside of the lips with a lipstick that is a shade lighter than the lip liner. It is important that the pencil is lighter than the lip liner, because only then can an effect be achieved that makes the lips appear fuller. In general, darker lipstick tones tend to make the lips appear narrower.

4th step

Now put a little lip gloss on the center of the lips. The light can be reflected more strongly here in the middle of the lips, which gives them more optical volume. If you don’t have lip gloss at hand, a little Vaseline or a dab of highlighter can also help here.

The lips are finished with a little extra volume!


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