this man was advised to "cure" his homosexuality by his doctor

Nicolas heard from his doctor that it would be good to "treat his homosexuality problem". One more attack for a young man who already has to face serophobia in the medical world.

Serophobia, grossophobia, misogynia, the medical community can sometimes be the reverse of the expected benevolence. A palpable reflection of today's society. On February 5, 2021, Nicolas, 25, decided to testify on his Twitter despicable sentences of which he was a victim, relayed by Neon. In a long thread, Nicolas explains that feeling stuck in a long depression, he tries to make an appointment in a medico-psychological center in Arras, his town. But the place being overwhelmed, he must then see the side of generalists. The young man already has a history with serophobic doctors because Nicolas is living with HIV. "As soon as she had to examine me, I saw her recoil, I felt embarrassed, and I had a lot of weird remarks. She didn't know the difference between HIV and AIDS, or so she was mixing the two to piss me off, maybe ", he recalls. The question "How are you, AIDS?" is the sentence too many, so he decides not to see this person again.

"Treat homosexuality"

Nicolas makes an appointment with another doctor to explain his psychological situation. And it is at this moment that the doctor suggests that he write a letter to speed up his treatment at the medico-psychological center, adding: "And that way you can sort out your homosexuality problem". From this announcement, the patient wonders how she can know that he is gay, a deduction in the face of his HIV status … Then an unrealistic discussion between Nicolas and the specialist arises:
"Her: Well, it's still a little unhealthy.
Me: Sorry? She: "Your unhappiness surely comes from there.
Me: Eeeeuh what are you telling me here?
Her: "Well, it's still not very healthy for society. You can solve this problem at the center."

"I had more words, and in truth I did not want to answer that. I took my vital card, my papers, I got up to leave without looking back. I hear behind me that 'she keeps talking. "It wasn't to offend you", he comments. Following these exposed comments, the northerner received numerous supportive comments as well as a list of doctors to avoid.

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Patients facing prejudices

According to the Hippocratic Oath, physicians must respect "all people, their autonomy and their will, without any discrimination according to their state or their convictions." However, with courage, patients dare to transmit their unfortunate experience with the medical profession via social networks or in documentaries. During the 5th Sida Info Service survey on discrimination against people living with HIV (2012), it was reported that 46.6% of respondents had already had discriminatory treatment in the health sector ( general practitioners, specialists, surgeons, nurses, laboratories, pharmacies). The survey showed that some doctors "consider the sexual and reproductive life of HIV-positive people as buried and situations of non-respect of confidentiality or medical confidentiality have been observed." From serophobia, there is only one step towards grossophobia or misogyny. Aufeminin had received in the summer of 2020 Marie de Brauer, journalist and director of the documentary named: “The big life of Marie”. Our interlocutor of the day explained to us that an ambient grossophobia went as far as humiliation. A real violence of words. And, according to her, many fat people die from undiagnosed illnesses such as cancer because they have a visceral fear of the moment of the caregiver. However, a movement of progressive doctors arrives, but it remains small for Marie de Brauer.

Regarding homophobia and serophobia, associations like SOS Homophobia have developed white lists of practitioners who listen to each other. And other sites refer to doctors who define themselves as inclusive, such as doctor-gay-friendly.