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Tight necklaces

A warm welcome ? Bulky, rather. Last week, when he arrived in the Tuamotu archipelago, the second stop on his trip to French Polynesia, Emmanuel Macron could not escape the ritual of wreaths of flowers. In this case, it was under a pile of Tahitian tiare crowns, the symbolic flower of Polynesia, with the powerful scent of jasmine, that he found himself buried. Pointless clarification: the Tahiti tiare trees were closed here, because Polynesian tradition dictates that only women can display these blooming flowers …

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Language of flowers

Let us add that Tahitian tiare trees are also offered to visitors to Polynesia in the form of individual flowers to slip behind the ear, but not just any one. If you slide the flower behind the left ear, on the heart side, it means that you are in a relationship. Behind the right ear is that you are single. Better yet, if you wear two flowers, one behind each ear, it means that you are in a relationship but available at the same time. And if you wear the two flower petals towards the back, you are a quick, available on the spot.

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Dangerous inclinations

Since we are in the details, and the codes, how not to notice an unsightly asymmetry at the level of the presidential shirt sleeves? Indeed, the right sleeve of Emmanuel Macron’s shirt seems to protrude only 0.5 cm from his jacket, while the left protrudes by more than 3 cm. Should we deduce that the president ignores the rule of elegance stipulating that the shirt sleeve must always exceed 2 cm? Without a doubt. The thesis according to which the president would lean to the left is in any case much less the road.

Techno belt

Elegance, always. The named Dominique Sorain, High Commissioner of the Republic in French Polynesia, is here dressed in the tropical uniform of the French administration. This includes a zippered cotton belt, or web belt, similar to the one that chokers and other rave enthusiasts loved, a few years ago, to unearth in military surpluses and slip casually around dripping pants. Obviously, nothing indicates that Mr. Sorain was involved.

Palm game

Finally, let us focus on the military salute performed by the latter as a sign of subordination to his superior. Dominique Sorain’s wide open and visible palm allows us to recall that the “hidden palm” greeting also exists. Appeared in the navy, this one originally allowed crewmen to greet their superiors without exposing their palms soiled by chores … A time practiced in France, this hidden palm salute remains in force in many countries, in particular the United States and Germany.

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