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Project managers

Did you think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left England to run away from Grandma and have a good time? You do not understand at all. On September 25, on the occasion of the annual general meeting of representatives of the member countries, the royal couple went to the UN headquarters in New York to show that they were at work and that his mission was not trivial. In this case, the stake for Meghan and Harry – if we have understood everything – is to make the world a better place.

Caught short

Since we share this noble ambition and no detail can be overlooked to achieve the end goal, let’s start with a first remark regarding Prince Harry. His jacket, ostensibly too short, forces us to remember that a decently cut model covers the posterior in its entirety. Let us even dare to say it thus: the disappearance of these models, explicitly baptized by the Anglo-Saxons “bum freezers” (quail-ass), would mark for everyone a big step forward.

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A forced march

In the same logic of progress, the worn sole of the man in blue who stands behind the royal couple allows us to denounce the lack of maintenance generally brought by men to their shoes, and to call on everyone to pull themselves together. On a leather sole, this involves the installation of recessed skates and front irons. The good progress of the world also passes, a little, by this.

In a nuanced tone

Nothing to say about the outfit of Meghan Markle? Think again, this one imposes a severe linguistic development. We had taken the curious habit, at home, of incorrectly using the term “khaki” to designate the color olive green, whereas this one comes from the Persian word. khaki, meaning “earthy” or “dusty”, and should therefore be used exclusively to name a beige color. So repeat after us: Meghan Markle is dressed in khaki, Meghan Markle is dressed in khaki. Meghan Markle is …

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Safe harbor

One last word ? Yes exactly. In the Anglo-Saxon press, the word rewear For several years now, it has been used to designate the action, salutary and virtuous for the planet, of putting back in public a piece of clothing that has already been seen. Thus, Meghan Markle indulges here in a spectacular “rewear”, since she had already worn the same Max Mara coat two days earlier, during a meeting with the American ambassador to the United Nations. Thanks, Meghan, that’s it already.

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