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Quiet father

Not even hurt. Not even a little. Nothing at all. On September 30, Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced to one year in prison for “illegal financing” of his 2012 presidential campaign as part of the Bygmalion affair. Two days later, he quietly signed copies of his book Walks (Herscher) to numb fans, happy to be able to express their support for their champion. “People are not fooled by anything”, the latter concludes. We might not have said it that way, but hey …

Frank neck

That day, on conquered ground, the former president displayed a relaxed smile and a vacationer’s beard. Around her neck, the black tie in silk grenadine, a textured material originally developed in the region of Granada, Spain, visible on the poster displayed in the store, shone by its absence. In this bookstore at 16e district, no one would have thought of condemning Nicolas Sarkozy for his negligence. Or for anything else.

Hairpin climb

Present on the lapel of Nicolas Sarkozy’s jacket, the bar of the Legion of Honor, it allows a little amused reminder. In 2010, the president himself presented the decoration to a certain Franck Albert Nahmani. Better known under the name of Franck Namani, without “h”, he is the claimed champion of cashmere and an expert in masculine elegance. Is it for this reason that he was decorated by Sarkozy? Or because, incidentally, he made the costumes for the president? Everyone, of course, will judge in conscience. But without being “fooled by anything”.

Picturesque trench coat

Leaning towards her idol, no doubt busy sending her a word of support or affection, this supporter of Nicolas Sarkozy offers us a bird’s-eye view of her trench coat, and, therefore, the opportunity for a color point . Better than beige, khaki, off-white or cream, it is indeed the word “mastic”, named thus after the color of the glazier’s mastic, a mixture of clay and linseed oil, which most aptly designates the historic color of trench coats. Know it.


One last detail? Behind the president, a series of handbags are displayed in the window. Above and in majesty, we recognize in particular a model from Longchamp, beige in color. This is the leather version of the Pliage bag, created in 1993 and which over time has become a bestseller. Indeed, the brand claims to have sold more than 30 million copies of the model since its creation.

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