This “McLaren” electric scooter curls up on itself to gain practicality

McLaren Applied has designed an electric scooter called Lavoie Series 1. Its particularities: an ingenious folding system, a modern light signature and generous autonomy on paper.

Source: McLaren Applied

Let’s put things in their place from the start: the Lavoie Series 1 is certainly designed by the company McLaren Applied, but it is not strictly speaking a McLaren electric scooter. Indeed, McLaren Applied was certainly owned by McLaren Group… but was sold in 2021 to the private investment company Greybull Capital. So much for the presentations.

Whatever its parent company, this two-wheeler has recently been the subject of a small presentation by the brand, tells us Motor1. The opportunity to draw the first outlines of its technical sheet and to approach the few practical and aesthetic particularities.

Patented technology

First of all, it is worth mentioning the patented Flowfold technology. By unlocking a small system glued to the steering column, the electric scooter manages to curl up on itself. To do this, an arm connecting the deck and the stem bends on one side, while the junction between the steering column and the stem bends on the other.

We just hope that the set is well and truly fixed once folded, in order to transport it at arm’s length without everything loosening. Nevertheless, its 16.5 kg on the scale does not really make it a featherweight. Another remarkable element: its triangular light signature at the front, which brings a nice touch of modernity.

In order to improve the visibility of the user, McLaren Applied has also integrated side lights, associated with indicators. This kind of device makes sense on an electric scooter, since the balance can sometimes become precarious when you want to indicate a direction with your arm. In this case, only one arm holds the vehicle. This can be dangerous.

Made of magnesium, the Lavoie Series 1 boasts a generous range of 50 km, for a charging time of 2 hours. On the other hand, no suspension system appears on the official photos. In other words, the comfort could leave something to be desired, even with thick wheels.

Live location

There is also talk of a mobile application, with which it is possible to track and locate the two-wheeler. Activating an alarm to deter malicious people is also possible.

At the time of writing these lines, neither the price nor the delivery dates of the Lavoie Series 1 are known. On the other hand, the brand should be more talkative on this subject in the coming weeks. This is good, since orders should begin next month.

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