This menstrual panty ad shows the rules as they are and it feels good

Menstrual panty brand Modibodi shows what real period looks like in an engaging commercial. An initiative that joins the fight to normalize conversations around rules.

In recent years, advertising has been trying to demystify the taboo surrounding the rules, you know this "monthly gift" brought by Mother Nature in a pretty gift box and represented by blue liquid on TV. Fortunately, times are changing and mentalities are changing. After Nana and its recent committed spots such as Viva la Vulva or Histoires d'Uterus, it is the turn of Modibodi, the menstrual panty brand, to tackle the taboo of menstruation.

Dubbed "The New Way to Period", this ad shows the reality of your period: from blood-stained sheets and crippling cramps, to annoying bloating and rinsing stained panties in the shower. In short, a reality that confronts all menstruating people. No more pink and watered-down advertisements, a small revolution is underway thanks to new representations.

"We were made to feel disgusting, we felt like we had no choice, we felt uncomfortable and unnatural in our own bodies", rightly asserts the narrator of the video. It then declares that rules should only be seen for what they are: normal.

We can only welcome this initiative on the part of Modibodi! Strongly that these real representations are no longer considered "shocking" or "daring".

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Video by Marion Dos Santos Clara