this Miss has a “crush” for a famous footballer

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On December 17, 2022, Diana Leyre will pass on her title of Miss France to a new young woman. Among the candidates in the running this year, a sparkling brunette confessed that she had a weakness for one of the illustrious Blues of Didier Deschamps.

This month of December 2022 is definitely spoiling French viewers. Wednesday 14, the small hexagonal screen will broadcast the highly anticipated meeting between France and Morocco who will compete for their ticket to the final of the world Cup of football. And a young woman, vying to win the title of Miss France – whose competition will be broadcast on the 17th of this month on TF1 and presented by Jean-Pierre Foucault and the former director of the competition Sylvie Tellier –, will certainly watch with admiration the match of the Blues by focusing on an illustrious striker from the tricolor team…

behind this secret admirerthe sublime Marion Marimoutou, 18 years old, Miss Reunion 2023. Like the 30 other candidates, the young woman responded to a Chinese portrait redesigned by TF1 in which she thus indicated what was her cult film, her unmentionable song, the job of her dreams, but also his little crush on a football star : “Olivier Giroud, the soccer player.” It must be said that the tall dark-haired man with azure eyes has a certain charm, and what is more, with his two goals scored against Australia in this World Cup has equaled the goal record of Thierry Henry in the France team. However, the potential successor to Diana Leyre will not be able to go from dream to reality since the 36-year-old sportsman is no longer a heart to take. Indeed, the elected footballer the sexiest in Ligue 1 in 2011 married a certain Jennifer, the mother of his four children: Jade, Evan, Aaron and Aria.

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Miss Reunion: “I started to realize my dream as a little girl”

Marion Marimoutou also answered questions a little more serious and for example revealed the reasons that led her to participate in the most popular beauty contest in France: “I started to realize my dream as a little girl on the stage of Miss Réunion and to pursue this dream with Miss France would be a real chance. I am also committed as Miss Reunion to represent my island as well as possible, the people of Reunion have been able to place their trust in me and I would really like to make them proud. I am also counting on this adventure to meet new people, grow and then project myself beyond the crown.” And if she wins the coveted scarf, the young woman will certainly take the opportunity to defend the cause that is closest to his heart : “The cause that I support is the fight against social inequalities in education and school failure that affects children from disadvantaged families..”


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