This modified Samsung smartphone is equipped with a huge 30,000 mAh battery

Mid-range smartphones from Samsung are often very durable thanks to their large capacity battery, but an Internet user decided to replace it with a battery 6 times larger.

We have already had the opportunity to deal with many custom smartphone cases on the site, but this one is beyond our imagination. Downtown_Cranberry44, a Reddit user, surely thought that the 5000 mAh battery of his Samsung Galaxy A32 5G was not autonomous, and therefore had a crazy idea to make his smartphone more enduring than ever.

The Internet user announces that he simply replaced the original battery with six Samsung 50E 21700 cells, thus offering a total of 30,000 mAh to the smartphone. By comparison, that’s six times the normal capacity of the phone’s battery.

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Samsung smartphone can charge others

Thanks to its impressive battery, which simply looks like an external battery stuck to the back of the device, the Galaxy A32 5G is now able to charge other smartphones. In effect, it seems that it can act as an external battery thanks to two USB-A ports and a USB-C port compatible with fast charging.


While one might think that the smartphone is able to last at least a week on a single charge with such a battery, this is not really the case in practice. The Internet user announces that Modified Galaxy A32 5G only offers two-day battery lifeand it takes no less than 7 hours for the battery to fully recharge.

Even more strangely, the smartphone interface indicates that the battery is stuck at 1%. This bug therefore prevents knowing precisely how much battery is left, which is obviously very annoying. It therefore seems that the modifications have deeply damaged the device, which is not designed to be powered by such a large battery.

Given the size of the smartphone, its weight and less autonomy than expected, not sure that this mod will encourage other Internet users to customize their smartphone to accommodate a larger battery.

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