this movie is nominated to be both the worst and the best of 2022

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It’s quite a feat! One of the long-awaited films released in 2022 on Netflix has been named as the best, but also the worst film of the year. Find out which one.

It’s a funny story for netflixthe famous streaming platform on which several programs will be canceled in 2023. One of the event films released in 2022 managed to be nominated for the Oscars, where the stars appear with their best hairstyles, but also for the Razzie Awards. The Oscars, which were the scene of the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock, to whom he asked forgiveness, reward the best in the world of cinema. The little golden statuette has been turning countless heads for many years. And, conversely, there are Razzie Awardsamong which no one likes to be named because they designate the worst directors, screenwriters or actors of the year.

For this year 2022 which has just passed, a film, available exclusively on Netflixdid the great feat of being both nominated for the Oscars, but also for the Razzie Awards. It must be said that the latter caused enormous controversy, and the making of the film contrasted enormously with the main acting game. This makes the film find itself both acclaimed but also hated.

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Blonde: Ana de Armas congratulated, the achievement decried

In 2022, Blonde hair made its appearance in the Netflix catalog after being long awaited. This is a feature film directed by Andrew Dominik, about the life of Marilyn Monroelargely focused on his sentimental life. However, this is not biographical because it is none other than the adaptation of the eponymous book by Joyce Carol Oates. The film has been nominated several times for the Razzie Awards, notably for the prize for worst movie of the year. Yes, but in this film, however decried, a diamond managed to lighten the darkness. And this diamond is called Ana de Armas, the fabulous interpreter of Marilyn Monroe. The physical resemblance is striking and his acting sensational. She plays a young Marilyn upset and completely lost, to perfection. Whereas Blonde hair is so named, among other things, for the worst film of the year, the actress, she was nominated for the Oscar for best actress.

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Apart from the spectacular acting of Ana de Armas, the film has thus been enormously controversial for various reasons. One of them is that he was slow, but mostly provocative. The stars have also not failed to give their opinion after viewing the work of Andrew Dominik. This is the case of Emily Ratajkowski who accused him on TikTok of fetishize female paineven in death”. He is also singled out for passing a anti-abortion message.


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