This multifunctional food processor presents the best quality/price ratio in our comparison

Alongside the Companion, which are the iconic and ultra-sophisticated robot cookers from Moulinex, there is the Click&Cook: a compact, connected and low-cost model which intends to bring together all the essential functions of a complete robot.

Moulinex Click&Cook

Introductory price €400

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    • Moulinex Click & Cook Cooking robot with integrated kitchen scale, Power…


    • Moulinex HF506111 Click & Cook Multifunction kitchen robot 1400 W, 3,…


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How the pricing table works

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Much more sophisticated than the Moulinex ClickChef, the Click&Cook is a nice surprise and combines many advantages. Compact, complete, good at mixing and fast at cooking, it gives pride of place to guided cooking and a rich and understandable interface. Its only weaknesses are nestled at the level of the lid which requires a certain helping hand and browning which, ultimately, only concerns a few recipes. This entry-level robot cooker is an excellent alternative to Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine Smart thanks to its very good quality/price ratio.

Strong points

  • Compact design.
  • Guided cooking well done.
  • Integrated scale.
  • Mixing efficiency.
  • Cooks quickly and precisely in a simmer.
  • Silent.

Weak points

  • Lid not very practical to remove and replace.
  • Heats too hot when browning.

The second best quality/price ratio

Kenwood CookEasy+

Introductory price €999

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How the pricing table works

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The CookEasy+ marks a small revolution within the Kenwood catalog and the changes made are paying off. The touch screen serves convenience of use as much as the integrated scale – accurate to the nearest gram – and the fleet of accessories delivered with the robot. Low temperatures are held to the nearest degree and heating is quite rapid. Ultimately, what we regret the most is the absence of guided recipes, which Kenwood compensates for with cooking programs. Wi-Fi is only used to automatically configure the robot’s settings according to the recipe chosen on the smartphone… which is in fact essential. We are therefore left a little unsatisfied.

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