This multifunctional treatment for less than 20 euros is sold every 20 seconds in the world


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Economical, practical, multifunctional, this 6-in-1 treatment for less than 20 euros is an essential part of the beauty routine.

But what is this beauty product that everyone is tearing off? It’s the Concentrated Milk-Cream from home Embryolisse. A 6-in-1 product at the low price of 19.90 euros, and created by a French brand. Lait-Crème Concentré is a real Swiss army knife for skincare. Make-up remover, make-up base, moisturizer, face mask, soothing after-sun and after-shave balm, this is the product everyone dreams of.
The Lait-Crème Concentré was designed by a dermatologist many years ago for the French brand Embryolisse created in 1950. Its composition is at the top for protected and nourished skin. Made of sheaofaloe veraof beeswax and of soy proteinthis product will nourish, soften, protect and hydrate your skin.

How to properly use this beauty product?

The Concentrated Milk-Cream is non-comedogenic, is therefore also suitable for oily skin. So in addition to being multifunctional, it is suitable for all skin types. It’s skincare in a tube, which you can share with your wife or husband.
It is also used as a make-up base by make-up artists backstage at fashion shows, to moisturize and bring a glowing finish to models’ make-up. It protects and fixes make-up so that it does not move during shows.
It can therefore be used as a day cream, as well as a night cream. Obviously, if you are looking to address another skin problem, in addition to hydration, you can use a specific serum to complete your routine.

Louise Lethiec

Louise Lethiec

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