This naturopath claimed to cure cancer, new victims tell their ordeal

Tomorrow is expected the verdict of the trial of Miguel B., this naturopath who claimed to cure cancer with fasts and pendulums. Since the opening of the case, other families of victims have decided to testify against the one they consider responsible for the death of their loved one.

September 10, 2021, Miguel B., 44-year-old naturopathtarget = “_ blank”>, appeared before the 31st correctional chamber of the Paris court. For 6 hours, several families of victims testified against him. In an article dedicated to the trial, the Parisian tells the story of Pascal, suffering from liver cancer: “From the first appointment, he asked me to stop all treatments, even those for diabetes, because it was chemical, and promised me that, if I listened to him, he would quickly fix everything. that. I didn’t believe it. ” But among the 149 patients of the naturopath whose names were found on a USB key, not all of them had the opportunity to get rid of his hold.

Indeed, a month ago, a Belgian family decided to file a complaint against Miguel B. after their daughter Hélène died of cervical cancer. Her father explains that when diagnosed, doctors were quite confident about the effectiveness of future treatment. But when she met the naturopath, he asked her not to undergo chemotherapy because “it could have delayed the process of cleansing her body.” It’s pretty much the same story for Pauline, 38, who died of breast cancer. She had first had a first cancer in 2016, treated in a classic way. Then she relapsed and trusted only Miguel B. He then made her buy her own juice extractors as well as essential oils from her partner’s daughter, Irène Grosjean. These products were supposed to cure her. Her mother painfully recounts that, four days before her death, she and her husband recovered their daughter who had just completed 6 days of internship with the naturopath, weighing less than 40kg and extremely tired.

The drifts of alternative medicine

This phenomenon is far from isolated in France. According to Miviludestarget = “_ blank”> (Interministerial mission for vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations), 4 out of 10 French people have recourse to so-called alternative medicines, of which 60% are among cancer patients. The most frequent methods often involve the guilt of the patient.

Moreover, the encouragement of fasting and a regulated diet is one of the pillars of the current sectarian discourse. Still according to Miviludes, these practices “have revealed their formidable effectiveness in the processes of mental enterprise which have led, in certain cases, to suicide or to the premature death of followers suffering from life-threatening pathologies, by refusal of proven therapeutic protocols.

From influencers to gurus

These naturopaths and other magnetizers often stand on the borderline between the personal development coach and the cult guru. Most of them have the same status as Miguel B., that is, they are not registered with the Order of Physicians, they do not have a practitioner’s plate, no medical cards. visit or recognized diplomas. Their communication system goes more through influence on the Internet, via their Youtube channel. Miguel.B’s partner, Irène Grosjean, has 2,061,000 subscribers on her channel. She talks, among other things, about how to “educate a free child” and apply crudism (eating raw) to her daily life.

In the same vein, Thierry Casasnovas has 555,000 subscribers and is also in the sights of Miviludes. Anyone who deals in a jumble with fasting, the path of faith and depression declare, about the choice, that it “brings only one chosen, it is 50,000 euros to the person who is going to sell it.” Alternative medicine must be supervised and if certain practices can improve treatment, they are not a substitute for it and can sometimes take on the appearance of sectarian practices.

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