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After being singled out during a supposed speech in Wales, Kate Middleton has her ears ringing again. And for good reason, a photographer would not have appreciated one of his manias.

Kate Middleton enjoysa certain popularity. If, unsurprisingly, the late Queen Elizabeth II holds first place in the hearts of the British with 75% popularity, according to a YouGov poll dating from July 2022, the Princess of Wales is not far behind with only seven point difference. But the wife of Prince William remains no less human and it can happen to this one to commit a few odd. Example: At the end of September 2022, during a visit to a church in Wales converted into a community center, His Royal Highness would have verbalized the crisis that the country is currently going through. An intervention without bad intentionbut which does not have no place to be when you are a member of the royal family.

Rebelote. A few days after this controversy, it is a former photographer of the royal family who decided to target the mother of princes George and Louis and princess Charlotte. As reported by theDailyMailJohn Swannell, who has worked in the past on multiple occasions with the Windsors, has accused Kate Middleton of shower the hopes of young photographers in search of notoriety. How ? By publishing his own pictures on the Web. Indeed, the daughter-in-law of King Charles III lives with the times and is asocial media follower and in particular Instagram, where she regularly publishes glimpses of her daily life, to the delight of Internet users. “All the work I’ve had with the royal family has really given my career a boost. Today, this kind of opportunity is no longer possible.”, lamented for his part the renowned photographer.

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Kate Middleton behind the lens

It’s no longer a secret, Kate Middleton is a photography enthusiast. The one who recently left behind her title of Duchess of Cambridge even studied photography and devoted his thesis to pictures of children. No wonder then that it floods its social networks with portraits of its darlings, something to annoy them sometimes. “The three of them say to me: ‘Mom, stop taking pictures please‘”, revealed Kate Middleton during an exchange with a user. “Somehow Kate is probably right to do it herself. She’s not a great photographer, but she shoots her camera at will, and with children, it’s easier when you know them.”, recognized for his part John Swannell.

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