this new French electric bike is one of the lightest on the market

Origin has lifted the veil on the very first electric bike in its history, the Help. Renowned for its top-of-the-range road bikes, gravels and muscular mountain bikes, the French brand is betting here on a very light and enduring trendy cycle, all at a relatively elitist price.

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With strong sales growth – + 29% between 2019 and 2020, + 28% between 2020 and 2021 – the electric bicycle sector is bound to catch the eye of many manufacturers. All the more so when the practice of cycling has tended to increase significantly over the past three years – + 33% between 2019 and 2022 –, especially in urban areas.

It therefore seems normal and logical to regularly welcome new players in this field. The French manufacturer Origine is one of them, positioning itself for the first time in its history in the electric bike niche. Never mind, the French brand has behind it experience and real know-how in terms of cycles.

Less than 15 kg

The Nordic company – its factory is located in Somain – has a catalog of high-end road, gravel and mountain bikes. It is logically in this segment that the Help, the name of his electric bike, comes to settle. And as for its other models, the official site offers a configurator to customize your bike as you see fit.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: what is the main strength of Help? Undoubtedly, its featherweight of 12 kilos necessarily challenges when discovering its technical sheet. This is an extremely light weight for an e-bike, most of which is more around 20 kilos.

Origin therefore invites you to exploit this asset, which becomes a strength if you no longer have autonomy. ” If you accidentally forget to charge your battery, don’t panic, the Help literally rides like a real muscle bike, without electric friction and will bring you back to your destination without excessive energy waste.“, we promise.

Wide choice of customization

Intended to bring a sporty flavor to your urban journeys, the Help relies on a German engine signed Mahle. This supplier has notably equipped several electric gravels, such as the E-Gravel Dynamica from the Italian brand Titici and the Endurance SL e Hero from the British company Ribble.

Placed in the hub of the rear wheel of the Help, the Mahle X20 motor boasts an interesting torque of 55 Nm. This is certainly not at the level of Bosch central motors, the best of which climb to 85 Nm, but this should be prove sufficient for urban journeys – note that the Help is also available in a gravel version.

On the transmission side, the French company collaborates with Shimano on one side, and Sram on the other. The brand’s own philosophy will then allow you to configure your bike and choose the transmission you want. ” We also have pre-selected bikes with different equipment for different budgets “, we are told.

The choice of brakes and tires is carried out on the same principle as the transmission. As for the frame, the material used is aluminum, with a process called multi-butted . ” This means that the tubes have been stretched and worked for the best compromise between strength / lightness / dynamism “explains the brand.

Good theoretical autonomy

Integrated in the diagonal tube of the frame, the battery offers a theoretical autonomy varying between 80 and 100 km “on a flat to hilly course says Origin. In the mountains, this value drops. In any case, it will be necessary to test the bike in real conditions to corroborate this radius of action.

Origin adds that arange extenderdesigned to increase battery capacity to 435 Wh will be available later in October.

Good news, the cycle has a speed, torque and cadence sensor.whose collection of information makes it possible to adapt the assistance so that it is the most natural“. In short: the electrical assistance transmitted should be proportional to the force you put into the pedals, for an experience that is both dynamic and natural.

Origin Help: price and availability

The Help opts for three modes of assistance, combined with a neutral mode which provides no assistance. The My SmartBike application brings a touch of connectivity. On top, you can notably choose from three preset modes, which configure the peak power, acceleration and responsiveness of each level of assistance.

Let’s talk price and availability: the Help starts at 3,490 euros, but can quite climb depending on the configuration made. Then count between 6 to 8 weeks before receiving your precious, from your order date.

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