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The jeans vary according to your desires. For the start of the school year, this new trend will hit hard. As offbeat as its closure, here are the criss-cross jeans.

After the Mom and the Wideleg, another style of denim returns for the return of the holidays: criss-cross jeans. Jeans are a timeless piece that adapts to all tastes and this piece could just add to your shopping list to fill your closet.

Its trompe l’oeil effect on the closure, marks the originality of the garment. Thanks to the asymmetrically sewn fly, you will easily display an artistic touch to your outfit. Although the fashion for criss-cross denim may seem fleeting, it is likely to impose itself in the fashion trends ring as soon as the holidays are over. In addition to that, criss-cross denim is available in shorts, skirts and Bermuda shorts. It can also be oriented towards different cuts: straight, high waist or loose. Ripped, faded or patterned, all you have to do is choose the style you prefer. And for your greatest pleasure, this piece is available at all prices.

Our selection of criss-cross jeans

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How to wear criss-cross jeans?

To wear it, nothing could be simpler. Criss-cross jeans, also known as double-breasted or asymmetric jeans, can be combined with all styles. In summer, a white top and / or a short shirt will do the trick. Amaka Hamelijnck had also adopted this umpteenth version of jeans on Instagram, embellishing it with a bag worn over the shoulder. The important thing is to highlight the style of the closure. So it is better to focus on crop tops, even if it means deviating from the rules of our dear president: Emmanuel Macron. You can compose this look with a bob, still current, and some fine jewelry. A gingham suit jacket, also trendy at the moment, can complete the outfit.

As for shoes, platform sandals with wide straps will go perfectly with the criss-cross model. And since summer is not really there this year, to protect your little feet from the freshness, you can wear leather boots, Dr. Martens style or sneakers.

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