This New Theory About The Acolyte’s Sith Changes Everything

Since the beginning of The Acolytethe latest series Star Warstheories continue to accumulate on the true identity of the Sith. After episode 7, new clues seem to point towards a very intriguing hypothesis.

Before discovering the final episode, and therefore the resolution of the plot of The Acolytefrom July 17 on Disney+, the streaming platform has just unveiled episode 7, which finally reveals what really happened on Brendok, 16 years ago. A new and particularly attractive theory on the identity of the famous Sith then emerged. After having mentioned other hypotheses on the subject, sometimes even before the broadcast of The Acolytefans of Star Wars have therefore struck again. Warning, the following contains spoilers.


Vergence, an inestimable force

During episode 5, The Acolyte revealed to us the face of the mysterious Sith, hiding under a frightening helmet, inspired by Elden Ring : that of Qimir, a friend of Mae. But episode 7, the latest and penultimate of the season, has inspired Reddit users with a rather exciting new theory: what if Qimir, the Sith, and Sol, Osha’s Jedi Master, were actually one and the same person?

Sol, Qimir's double?  // Source: Disney+Sol, Qimir's double?  // Source: Disney+
Sol, Qimir’s double? // Source: Disney+

This hypothesis is based on elements revealed in this famous last episode, which tells us what really happened when the twins Mae and Osha were separated, on Brendok, 16 years ago. We then learn what we already strongly suspected: they form a single and unique consciousness, separated between two bodies at birth, thanks to a force called Vergence.

What if Sol had used this same technique to split his own soul in two, after being haunted by Mae’s supposed death and Osha’s more or less forced kidnapping?

Qimir and Sol, two sides of the same coin?

In any case, several clues point in this direction. First, the very origin of their names seems to answer each other since Qamar means the moon in Arabic and Sol evokes the sun in Latin. Each in their own way, Sol and Qimir are obsessed with the idea of ​​finding a partner to team up with, respectively a Padawan, in the person of Osha, and an Acolyte, namely Mae. Then, when they meet, in episode 5, Qimir seems surprised that Sol does not recognize him.

Qimir, a character who hides his game well // Source: Star Wars

Later, in episode 6, the Sith evokes his former membership in the Jedi order, then his scar, caused by ” the one who rejected him ” We can then assume that Sol would have tried to kill Qimir, after realizing that he gave birth to the darkest part of his mind. Sol, for his part, speaks of a “strong connection” felt with Osha, herself created through Vergence.

It is true that this theory, very solid, offers a completely different light on the narration of The Acolyte. While the series has not yet confirmed the connection between these clues, it is still a safe bet that Qimir and Sol are connected, in one way or another. The series only has one episode left Star Wars to solve this persistent mystery, once and for all.

Source: Numerama MontageSource: Numerama Montage

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