this pair of shoes that she will never wear (yet super trendy this spring-summer 2024)

By revealing her fashion favorites, Brigitte Macron has just revealed which pair of shoes she will never wear. A pair which, against all expectations, will be very trendy in Spring/Summer 2024.

Since Emmanuel Macron came to power in 2017, his wife Brigitte Macron has never stopped giving us style lessons. In each of her public appearances, the First Lady of France teaches us to combine modernity, chic and elegance, all with great simplicity. And after seven years of looks, each more successful than the last, Brigitte Macron has just signed a fashion interview in which she confides her fashion favorites and the pieces of which she is less a fan.

Always dressed in Louis Vuitton for her public appearances, Brigitte Macron answers questions from our colleagues at Madame Figaroalongside Nicolas Ghesquière artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s women’s collections. The opportunity for them to return to the beginning of their friendship story.

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Brigitte Macron: the inside story of her collaboration with Louis Vuitton

“Since 2017, a close relationship has been established between the first lady and the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s women’s collections. A unique stylistic bond that they share with us in an exclusive interview” can we read. We know, however, that Brigitte Macron’s unconditional love for Louis Vuitton started around 2013 when she became friends with Delphine Arnault, daughter of the businessman and assistant vice-president of Louis Vuitton.

Upon his indirect arrival within the government, the former teacher then established a tradition consisting of always showing off with a piece or accessory from the famous fashion house, a way for her to highlight French know-how to the eyes of the whole world.

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Brigitte Macron reveals the name of her favorite pair of shoes

In this same interview, Emmanuel Macron’s wife gives her vision of fashion. Asked about her favorite shoes, she first explains that she doesn’t care about fashions and trends.People call me transgressive because of the life I’ve led, but I don’t see myself like that at all. It’s not even a question of fashion: I’m not a follower” she explains.

Concerning her favorite shoes, she reveals that high heels are her favorite shoes : “I never considered that high heels were a symbol of alienation for women. I wear them because I don’t feel good in flat heels, that’s how it is“. If she doesn’t like flat shoes, that’s also the case for sneakers: “QWhen it comes to sneakers, I only choose wedges. I need an arch, which is not any worse: this way, the gait is more controlled, which is appropriate in certain circumstances.”

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Spring-Summer 2024: zoom on the comeback of the ballerina

Brigitte Macron not a fan of ballerinas? However, it is one of the most popular pairs of shoes of the moment, so much so that all the major luxury houses are currently trying to release a flagship model intended for fashionistas with the most cutting-edge looks.

Decorated with rhinestones Miu Miudecorated with eyelets Alaïa or in satin at Repetto, the ballerina is definitely back to awaken the prima ballerina in us. All that remains is to find the perfect look to wear it. You will then have the choice between shiny leggings to perfect the off-duty prima ballerina look or mom jeans for a chic minimalist look.

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