This plug and play solar panel kit at a reduced rate will lower your electricity bills

Solar energy is free, can help you reduce the level of your electricity bills, but it still requires an initial investment which can put off many. With its Soria plug & play solar panels, Avidsen promises a production capacity of 400 Wp and this for less than 500 euros instead of 750 euros on average.

With the latest increase in electricity prices, due solely to taxes as a reminder, the weight of the already heavy energy bill is putting an even greater strain on budgets. Plug and play solar panels, which were already on the rise, are of interest to more and more French people. In fact, they make it possible to produce electricity for self-consumption with ease at a lower cost.

Energy is transmitted to your home via a simple domestic socket and, in addition, the installation methods have become very complete. The panels can be placed on the ground, hung on a wall and, since last year, balcony kits have been installed in the hexagonal solar landscape. It is in this context that Avidsen is launching its Soria offer, efficient plug and play solar panels with a more than aggressive quality/price ratio.

A complete and versatile solar kit

The Soria kit consists of four 100 Wp monocrystalline photovoltaic panels, representing a potential production power of 400 Wp. Each panel occupies an area of ​​80.5 x 70 x 2.5 cm in a steel frame, and weighs 5.2 kg. Avidsen promises a return of over 20%.

It comes with a microinverter that accepts up to 500W input and 400W output. It is IP65 certified for safe outdoor use and includes Wi-Fi.

Soria will offer three types of facilities. The panels are delivered with a support that simply needs to be placed on a flat floor, and the inclination will then be a maximum of 30°. Please note, it is not recommended to place them on a flat or sloping roof.

For vertical installation, to take advantage of often neglected and unused surfaces, simply use the wall installation kit, which allows an inclination of 60°. Finally, if you do not live in a house and still wish to benefit from self-consumption, a balcony kit is offered in addition, at the price of 29.99 euros. However, we have no information on the possible inclination in the latter case.

At the heart of the Soria user experience is the Avidsen Home app. This platform allows real-time monitoring of energy production, providing users with complete visibility into the efficiency of their installation. Key features include:

  • Production monitoring: Instantly view the amount of energy produced by your panels.
  • Consumption Comparison: Evaluate your savings by comparing energy consumption from month to month.
  • Production history: View the complete history of your energy production to analyze trends and optimize your consumption.

By adding a second kit, the production capacity can reach 800 watts, but on two different sockets, the kit’s inverter being limited to 500 W input and 400 W output.

Where this kit stands out the most is its price of 499 euros, to which you must add 34.90 euros if you want the balcony kit. A very aggressive price, while the competition is positioned on average at 750 euros for 420 Wp. If the hardware and application follow, it will then be able to position itself as one of the best offers on the market and certainly the most accessible.

Let’s also remember that you can turn to EDF Tempo or ZenFlex subscriptions to reduce your electricity bills.

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