This portable light adds relief to your photos and videos, without breaking the bank

Want to take your photos and videos to the next level? There is one accessory that I highly recommend you buy: a lamp.

The right light on the subject (whether it’s you in a selfie, product shots for Etsy or eBay, still lifes, vlogging or whatever) can make a huge difference. The problem is that it is difficult to find a decent light without breaking the bank. Professional photographic equipment can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So imagine my surprise when I found a light with premium features and a rechargeable battery for just $42 (at the time of writing). This Neewer TL96RGB lamp meets all my expectations.

Neewer TL96RGB Technical Specifications

  • Number of LEDs : 96 RGB

  • Color : Full gamut of RGB

  • Exit : 6W, 800lux/0.5m

  • Lighting angle : 120°

  • Color temperature : 2500K (warm white) to 8500K (cool white)

  • Brightness adjustment : 0 – 100%

  • Feed : 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery charging via USB-C

  • Battery life : 2 hours

  • Attachment Features : Magnet and ¼” thread on both ends.

  • Display :OLED

  • Special effects : 20

  • Length : 10.8cm

  • Width : 4cm

  • Weight : 134g

I appreciate this lamp, I really appreciate it very much. Its compact size, battery life, light output and dazzling array of colors it can create make it a true mobile power source.

On the back of the device are four buttons (on/off, up, down and mode) as well as a small OLED display and a USB-C charging port. Buttons let you control the color, intensity, and mode of the light, as well as choose from 20 different effects, such as police car, lightning, fireworks, TV, candle, heartbeat, and more .

TL96RGB magnetic handheld light wand emitting a blue light

The blue light mode “Cop Car” (police car) Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

The controls are easy to pick up quickly and very simple compared to other portable lights I’ve had in my hands that use complicated rotating wheels and tiny buttons.

The OLED display on the back of the device gives an unobtrusive overview of lamp mode and status.

The OLED screen, charging port and controls are visible on the back of Neewer’s TL96RGB lamp. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

A ¼” tripod thread is present at the top and bottom to attach the light to tripods and stands. The back of the lamp is also magnetic, allowing it to be stuck to iron or steel surfaces.

Battery life is two hours, which is very acceptable, but the lamps can also be powered by external batteries or wall chargers, allowing permanent autonomy.

The only thing better than one lamp is having two. Neewer also offers the lamps in a pack of two. I find that by having two lamps I can control the lighting better and get really professional results. And both fit in my pockets.

Two Neewer TL96RGB magnetic light sticks emitting red and blue light

Two lights are better than one! Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

They are also very useful for illuminating objects inside when taking product photos.

Product photography in my light box

Product photos are displayed in my light box. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

If you are looking for a camera or a camera to help you greatly improve the quality of your images, this device is perfect. Its price and ease of use make it an ideal tool for beginners. And its high brightness and interesting features will allow it to adapt to your needs once you become a professional.

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