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Did the cinema icon experience a pregnancy under duress with her second husband? This is what his biographer suggested in a documentary broadcast on December 22 on BFM TV.

Just because we’re a star, doesn’t mean nothing bad can happen to us. In the documentary Brigitte Bardot, confidentialbroadcast Thursday, December 22 on BFM-TV, the journey of this emblematic icon of the 1960s is evoked at length. Among the topics covered are her union with the actor Jacques Charrier : her second husband, to whom she had said “yes” in 1959. From this relationship, a son was born, named Nicolas. Unfortunately, the artist would not have lived only happy days alongside this man, as related Tele-Leisurewho had watched the documentary before its release.

In the report, reference is made to the relation to motherhood by Brigitte Bardot. With Jacques Charrier – who, apparently, looked like an ideal son-in-law – the actress would have experienced a pregnancy under duress. Indeed, the young woman, who became pregnant shortly after her marriage, obviously did not want to keep the child. However, her husband allegedly forced her to carry the pregnancy to term. “Charrier didn’t want her to have an abortion”assures in the documentary the biographer of the star, Pascal Louvrier, quoted by our colleagues.

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Brigitte Bardot: a painful period

This pregnancy under constraints would have only aggravated a delicate situation. Indeed, as implied – in the same context – the biographer, the actress would have been confronted with the brutality of his partner. “He [était] very jealous. […] This is [traduisait] by blows. When she was pregnant with Nicolas, he hit her, she fell and hit a tablehe confides in the same documentary, as detailed Tele-Leisure. Pascal Louvrier then specified that following this event, the star had suffered a “head trauma”. Some time later, the actress had filed for divorce and ceded custody of her little boy. Still according to the biographer, this painful period of her life would have favored her conflicting relationship with motherhood.

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