this radical decision by Camilla regarding her wardrobe that is causing a lot of talk

Queen Camilla Parker-Bowles has just made a major decision, radical even, which the PETA association welcomes while calling on King Charles III to follow her example.

Camilla Parker-Bowles multiplies the appearances inherent to her functions as queen consort, but also to ensure the vacation of her husband the king Charles III, suffering from cancer and still stuck in a family conflict. If he made his first public appearances since the announcement of his illness in recent days, William and Harry’s dad was not present, however, in the town of Rye located in East Sussex, on Thursday 16 may. Camilla Parker-Bowles went there to inaugurate the Charleston Festival dedicated to literature and reading. Asked about her husband’s health, she let slip a few words that raise questions.

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It’s the Sunday Times who relayed her words, while she was surrounded by several guests. According to her, King Charles III “feel better”. “Well, he would be better if he behaved well”, she added. Words which are reminiscent of those already heard in March, during a visit to Northern Ireland. After someone suggested that men were not the “best patients”the queen replied that she was trying to “keep it in order”.

Can Camilla Parker-Bowles influence the king?

With total involvement and while all the spotlight is on her, Camille Parker-Bowles took the opportunity to make a strong decision this week. This is the animal welfare association. PETA who revealed it on social networks on Wednesday May 15. Her Majesty will not buy new fur clothesit was announced. “The Royal Decree reflects true British values ​​and supports the 95% of Britons who also refuse to wear stolen skin from the backs of animals”, we can also read on X (formerly Twitter), suggesting that the queen wishes to conform to the opinion of her subjects. What’s more, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals association is riding the news to instruct King Charles III to take a radical decision in his turnand thus follow in the footsteps of her mother – Elizabeth II – who made the same choice in 2019.

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Indeed, PETA launched a petition who asks that the Royal Guard She doesn’t wear fur anymore either. She has in her viewfinder the soldiers’ headdress made from real bear fur, which now appears to her “even more absurd and disconnected from reality”. In a few hours, nearly 60,000 signatories agreed to this initiative. “Will the caps of the king’s guards be next? It takes the skin of at least one bear to make a single cap”we specify to attract the attention of Internet users.

Opinions differ on social networks

Overall, the news is well received by British citizens and it is emphasized that this position is “fantastic”. Which doesn’t stop some Internet users from showing sarcasm. “So, after a long and privileged life, at the age when most adults stop buying new clothes anyway, just a few steps from their own death, the time has come to make the right choice. Like c ‘is altruistic’can we read in the comments on X, or even “It’s a little late, but tell all your friends!” And “Stop with the bear fur hats now!”.

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This should help to increase the popularity of Camilla Parker-Bowles, who many British believed shortly after her coronation that the ex-partner of Charles III – Lady Diana – would have made a better queen than her. Could the situation be reversed in the coming months?


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