This regional accent is the most attractive according to the French


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Would it be enough to have the “right” accent to seduce your crush? According to a Meetic study, the voice, but also the accent would be important factors for the other to fall madly in love with you.

When it comes to flirting, you can sometimes come across people ready to do anything to seduce. To do this, they use well-established strategies such as flexting, or compulsive seduction gestures… In short, they can make you go around in circles. However, there is one thing that no one can exaggerate: his voice. That is why, 70% of singles believe they can be charmed by the voice aloneas revealed by a study Meeticproduced on the occasion of the launch of their new feature allowing its members to add an audio clip to their profile.

In addition to the timbre of the voice, which is more attractive when it is calm and soft, there is another very important parameter for the French: the accent. Also according to this study, an accent in particular manages to capsize hearts : that of… South-West. Indeed, 35% of those questioned explained that the singing sounds of the South West were the most seductive. On the second place of the podium, we find the South-East with 34% of people seduced. As for the Parisian accent, it does well. 23% of single people find it cute.

The favorite accent of French singles

In addition to the regional accent, souls in search of love are also fond of foreign accents. Thereby, Italian, Spanish and English accents are acclaimed by singles in France. As for Americans and Quebecers, their pronunciation also wreaks havoc on singles.

On the other hand, if certain accents reach our ears like a gentle caress, others make them slightly tense. In France, the losers of accents are the inhabitants of the North. Fortunately, the latter have enough joie de vivre and humor not to get offended and find something that suits them. Internationally, the Swiss and the Belgians are also on the last step of the podium. But, as Celine Dion would say, “the last shall be first” in someone’s heart!

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