This rejuvenating bun made in less than 3 minutes is very chic (it’s perfect after 50)

New hair trend in sight! This effortless, chic and rejuvenating bun seen on many celebrities has established itself as THE hairstyle of the summer. Express decryption of this stylish and easy-to-achieve look.

It’s a familiar look to quickly pull your hair into a ponytail without the hassle of tucking it all through the elastic. A hairstyle adopted for household chores, teleworking or Sundays at home which could soon take on a whole new dimension. Indeed, it was adopted by an influential figure who surpasses many fashion magazines, Kim Kardashian who never leaves this inverted bun.

This week, at the Cannes Film Festival, Kelly Rutherford once again shined on the red carpet, true to her reputation. If her always elegant outfits have captivated the photographers, her hairstyle was also the subject of many comments. It must be said that the actress, unforgettable in the role of Lily van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, now displays a very special bun. Kim Kardashian, for her part, recently sported this same “wet look” hair look at the Fendi show, on the morning show “Good Morning America” ​​and on the streets of Los Angeles and New York. And yes, you heard correctly: This casual hairstyle now has a very stylish name.

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What is the flip bunthis “lazy” hairstyle that celebrities love?

The flip bun is the essential hairstyle of summer time, adopted by many celebrities. This effortless chic bun seduces with its simplicity and its elegance. In a few quick gestures, it allows you to create a trendy look and sophisticated, perfect for all summer occasions. Quick and effective, it is the ideal hairstyle for evenings where you want to tie your hair, especially during the summer season to highlight your face, it’s as elegant as it is rejuvenating.

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Creating a flip bun at home is child’s play! In just 3 steps, without the need for any other equipment than a comb and an elastic band, you will obtain a perfect bun in 2 minutes tops. Here’s how to do it. Brush and detangle your hair carefully. Then, tie them into a half ponytail with the elastic, without finishing it. Wrap the ponytail into a small loop to form an inverted bun, leaving a strand hanging for a casual look. You’ll be ready with impeccable style in no time! If you prefer a hairstyle with a more sophisticated effect à la Kim Kardashian, you can also opt for a wet flip bun by applying styling product to your hair and pulling your strands tightly from the root. You will thus obtain an ultra chic wet look inverted bun.

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3 excellent reasons to adopt the flip bun

The first reason to adopt the flip bun is ease ! It’s a super easy celebrity hairstyle to recreate at home! To achieve the flip bun, simply bring your hair back into a ponytail, without finishing it. By wrapping the tail in a loop, you get a small inverted bun. A makeover which has its effect, especially on lazy days. Then because it is synonymous with elegance… For an ultra chic evening hairstyle, follow Kelly Rutherford’s example by replacing your classic elastic with a pretty bow. And for an effortless touch, let a few strands frame your face. A look of incomparable elegance. To get the wet effect, optional, you can use gel. Then, simply pass your hair through the elastic two to three times, leaving part of it hanging at the nape of your neck, making only a half-turn on the last pass.

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And finally, last but not least. The flip bun, in addition to being an elegant and easy to achieve hairstyle, also has rejuvenating properties. By tying the hair and freeing the face, this hairstyle highlights the facial features, thus giving a natural lifting effect. This subtle beauty treatment brings a touch of freshness and youth to the face, creating a harmonious balance between the hairstyle and facial features. Adopting the flip bun is not only a question of style, but also a way to shine and appear more dynamic and brilliant. So, let yourself be tempted by the flip bun for a fresh and modern style!

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