this relative of the queen died the day before her funeral


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The day before the funeral of Elizabeth II, one of the six bridesmaids of her coronation died at the age of 88 in the greatest discretion.

The end of mourning has been decreed in the United Kingdom. After the death of Elizabeth II on September 8, the country entered a long period of national mourning where most activities were put on hold, in order to respect the memory of the queen. For several days, tributes were paid to him, in particular by the British, many of whom lined up to bid farewell to his coffin at Westminster Hall. On the day of his funeral, September 19, no less than 2,000 people, including heads of state and members of foreign royal families, made the trip to pay their last respects. What couldn’t do Lady Mary Russell, one of the sovereign’s relatives. As revealed by Timesshe died on September 18, 2022, the day before these national and historic funerals.

According to her family, Lady Mary Russell, 88, died surrounded by her loved ones. Described as the“beloved wife of David, much loved mother of Arabella, Anthony, Philip, Jason and Mariana and much loved of his twelve grandchildren”she was notably known for having been one of six wives who helped Elizabeth II the day of his coronation in 1953. Called bridesmaidsthese had helped her to wear the formal dressa 5.5 meter long hand-woven silk velvet mantle, lined with Canadian ermine. “Of all the girls our age in the country, we six girls were chosen to wear the Queen’s train and that meant a lot”had thus confided Lady Mary Russell about this historic day, which she had described as a “incredible time”remembering however how heavy Elizabeth II’s outfit was.

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Who was this close friend of Elizabeth II?

However, these girls had not been chosen at random, since they were all from British high society. Thus, Lady Mary Russell was the daughter of the Earl and Countess of Haddington, while Lady Moyra Campbell, who is the first of Elizabeth II’s six bridesmaids to have died, in 2020, was the daughter of the fourth Duke. of Abercorn. It remains to be seen now who will be the people responsible for wearing this ceremonial dress for King Charles III, whose coronation is already preparing despite some inconvenience concerning the Duke of Norfolk. Responsible for taking care of the ceremony, he faces legal concerns…

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