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She plays in the new episode of Camping Paradis broadcast this Monday, June 27, but Corinne Touzet refused a role in another successful series!

He is an emblematic face of French television. Corinne Touzet has marked many generations since her beginnings on TV and on the big screen in the 80s. Of Marianne on Antenne 2, to his role in The Rumba at the end of the 80s, the actress left an unforgettable memory to all those who discovered her. But it is most certainly his role in the series A woman of honor which brings him glory. Between 1996 and 2008, Corinne Touzet will lend her features to the heroine of the detective series, Isabelle Florent. After this experience which offered him “the role of his life”, she will play at the theater before returning to our small screens with Mimie Mathy in Josephine, guardian angel in 2020.

The one who no longer sees herself living as a couple explains that she was a victim of “youthfulness”. “Women our age, there are dozens and dozens of us who no longer work because we are not young enough to do so. We will be polite, we will say it like that. lamented the actress at the microphone of RTL. Before adding “In the theater everything is fine. Me, I will be able to play until I am 80-90 years old. You’re going to have to hang on to you kids, I’m not going to let this get me down.”

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Corinne Touzet: “I was afraid of lacking freedom”

Although Corinne Touzet denounces youthism in TV, she was still approached by a famous French series. It is in factt of the soap opera Un si grand soleil. If she has never watched Tomorrow belongs to us, nor Here it all begins, Corinne Touzet admits to being a fan of the soap opera broadcast on France 2. “I am very, very a fan, recognizes the former interpreter of A woman of honor, because I have lots of friends who play in it. Sometimes I even watch it on replay.” she says. The French actress even had the opportunity to meet the producer of Un si grand soleil. “I met the producer who offered me an important role… but I was afraid of lacking freedom.” she explains. “I am a show entrepreneur. But I have to be available when they need me in the theater, sometimes at short notice.” says the actress. Before continuing: “You can’t say no when you have a small business like mine that remains very artisanal. It was not a definitive no but, for the moment, I like this freedom. Corinne Touzet is not therefore not totally against the idea of ​​playing in the French series. But maybe the timing wasn’t good. Waiting, she multiplies the projects on the boards. She will also be featured in a one-man show, Europeana, which is directed by Viriginie Lemoine and will be presented at the Avignon festival in 2023.

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