this scheme to legally exceed the threshold of 25 euros per day

The ceiling for using restaurant vouchers has been raised from 19 to 25 euros since October 1, 2022. However, some users manage to pay more than 25 euros with their restaurant ticket card.

25 euros. Since October 1, this has been the daily ceiling for the use of restaurant vouchers. These can also be used to pay for any food product, whether or not it is directly edible, until December 31, 2023.

Regarding this limit of 25 euros, it sometimes happens that restaurateurs agree to be paid with several checks in paper format, beyond the limit. Similarly, if you still have paper restaurant tickets, nothing prevents you from using two for lunch, then two in the evening in another establishment.

Up to 75euros per bill

On the other hand, if you are, like many employees, switched to card format for your restaurant vouchers, it is impossible to exceed the ceiling of 25 euros. Anyway, in theory. An article by Free lunch mentions a possibility of pay more than 25 euros per meal with his restaurant ticket card.

I might as well tell you right away: if it is possible to pay a bill of more than 25 euros with this card, it is not possible to spend more than 25 euros on restaurant vouchers per day. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from linking your bank card to a restaurant ticket card. This is what Edenred offers, for example. In doing so, your restaurant ticket card allows you to pay up to an additional 50 euros per bill, i.e. a total of 75 euros (with a ceiling of 150 euros per month for the moment). The surplus is in fact directly debited from your bank account.

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And Edenred is not the only one to offer this possibility, since Le Journal Du Net explains that Sodexo and Swile also make it possible to associate a restaurant ticket card with a bank account. A Sodexo user can thus pay up to 30 euros more per bill, i.e. a total of 55 euros. On Swile’s side, it is the client who himself defines the maximum amount of excess authorized per transaction.

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