This Sephora lipstick for less than 15 euros is sold every 30 seconds in the world

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Some beauty products immediately become bestsellers. This is the case of a Sephora lipstick at a low price, which is sold every 30 seconds in the world.

Thanks to social networks, one can know which beauty product will become a bestseller and sell out quickly. A video posted on TikTok, for example, is ideal for highlight products and prove their merits with supporting results. We remember the buzz around the Kiko super gloss or the La Neige night lip mask. Today is a Sephora lipstick which panics the web: the Red Is Not My Name.

Sold at the price of only 13.99 eurosthis creamy lipstick with an ultra pleasant texture that does not dry out the lips, sells every 30 seconds worldwide. In view of its quality and its results, we quickly understand why everyone is tearing it up. Moisturizing, long-lasting, it does not fade or run into the creases of the lips. Its formula vegane contains pigments coated with oils, which allows it to leave the lips silky and hydrated for 8 hours. His finish is satinmaking it perfect for winter.

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Sephora – Rouge Is Not My Name Satin Lipstick

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Our tips for choosing the right lipstick color

Red Is Not My Name exists in 20 shades. What to have the choice whatever your skin tone or your desires. Nude colors to wear every day, others more daring like red shades, perfect for the approach of the end of year celebrations, it’s up to you. That said, lipstick is a bit like foundation, its color can be chosen according to your complexion and the undertones of your skin.

If you are fair-skinned blondeturn to lipsticks with cool undertones, like a classic red or light colors like pale pink.
If you are redheadwe advise you to opt for warmer shades such as a pretty copper or a warm brown.
If you are brunette, it’s easier. If you have fair complexion, choose shades that are a little darker with cool undertones like plum. If you have a more golden complexion, warm shades will be the most suitable, such as an orange-red.

One thing is sure, nude is always a good idea, regardless of skin tone or hair color. The best-selling shade is a nude, and it’s number 20 called “Never Enough”. Little trick to choose the perfect nude, you can look inside your lip to find the closest lipstick to that color. With this trick, you will find your ideal nude shade.

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