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This Italian series, put online on February 15 on Netflix, ranks second in the top 10 series watched on the platform. This feminist fiction is even inspired by a true story.

This new burst of episodes was eagerly awaited by fans of the series. On February 9, Netflix released the first part of season 4 Youwhich chronicles the disturbing adventures of Joe Goldberg, a notorious serial killer and stalker. In this fourth season, the character played by Penn Badgley presents himself under a new identity: that of a professor of literature who has settled down in London.

A few weeks after the release of its five new episodes, this successful series was quickly competition by another fiction. Indeed, the Italian Netflix creation Lidia lays down her law, put online on February 15 on the platform, exceeded You by climbing to second place in the top 10 of the series viewed on the streaming site, while the series worn by Penn Badgley occupies fifth place. But what is this costume series about, the first season of which features six episodes ? The story takes place at the end of the 19th century and is centered on the battles of Lidia Poet (played by actress Matilda de Angelis), a young Italian lawyer determined to stand up for women and marginalized people.

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A tenacious lawyer

But Lidia Poët quickly comes up against the sexism of institutions when she sees herself denied admission to the bar by the Turin Court of Appeal, on the pretext that she is a woman, and that she therefore does not have the right to practice this profession. Tenacious and armed with an iron will, Lidia Poët will not let this exclusion prevent her from rendering justice to the innocent and will be hired by her brother, also a lawyer, to continue to exercise the profession of lawyer and fight against the decision of the court of appeal. A surprising plot, full of suspense and twists, in which the fight for women’s rights has a major place.

Lidia lays down her law is also inspired by a true story : that of Lidia Poët, born August 26, 1855 and died February 25, 1949 at the age of 93. She was the first woman to enter the Italian Bar Associationin 1883. As in the series, his call to the bar had been revoked. Refusing to submit to this radical decision, Lidia Poët joined her brother’s law firm in order to still be able to practice. It was not until 1920, at the age of 65 years, that she will manage to enter the bar, becoming the very first woman lawyer in Italy. And this pioneer will never stop fighting for women’s rights. Will the rest of his exceptional career be transcribed in a season 2 of Lidia lays down her law ? For now, Netflix has not announced a renewal


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