This shocking INA campaign shows that the sexism of 50 years ago is still present

The persistent maintenance of sexist discourses from the 1970s is vividly illustrated by the High Council’s campaign for equality between women and men.

Sexism persists, and the High Council for Equality between Women and Men (HCE) in France provides proof of this. The release of its report on the state of sexism on January 22 is accompanied by a striking campaign entitled “Let’s make sexism history!”. This initiative, carried out in collaboration with the INA and the BETC agency, reveals a disturbing reality: the sexist discourses of the 1970s are still present, especially on social networks.

In the first part of the video, the HCE uses INA archives from the 1970s. Men make comments trivializing rape and domestic violence. Shocking phrases such as “Rape strictly speaking does not exist” Or “If I want to bang my wife, I’m sure she will have better sex” are highlighted. In the second part, current video extracts taken from social networks repeat these same speeches.

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Call to action

This campaign is part of the HCE report which exposes the alarming reality of sexism in France. The figures are worrying: 90% of women have experienced a sexist situation. Gender-based and sexual violence persists, with 37% of women having experienced a situation of non-consent, even reaching more than 50% among 25-34 year olds. Online, 75% of women believe they are not treated equally. Among men, 25% of 25-34 year olds think that it is sometimes necessary to be violent to be respected. Faced with these findings, the HCE calls for action, highlighting the gap between growing awareness and the persistence of stereotypes. It recommends an emergency plan based on education, regulation and sanction. The president of the HCE, Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, hopes that this campaign will make public opinion and public authorities more aware of the need to fight against sexism, to definitively relegate it to ancient history.

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