this sign is going to have a very bad start to march

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March has just started. It’s the month of Pisces! While some signs will have a very good start to the month, others will experience it badly.

March is here. This last winter month announces the imminent arrival of spring, mild temperatures, longer days… It is also the month associated with Pisces, which has been celebrating its anniversary season since February 20. Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. It’s the sign the most empathetic and one of the most sensitive (along with Cancer). March is also the month when the weather is very unstable: the March showers are aptly named. Pisces is like this weather: changing. Their mood fluctuates very often and it is not uncommon for them to go from laughter to tears. But these changes also allow Pisces to develop their intuition: they have a very good view of things and people in general. They manage to anticipate very easily. This water sign is honored during the third month of the year and finally enjoys a period of calm after a complicated end to the year 2022 and a not easy start to 2023.

However, other astrological signs are not going to appreciate this beginning of March, which has many surprises in store for each sign of the zodiac wheel. We tell you which one.

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These astro signs are going to have a very bad start to the month

It is Gemini who will not be lucky at the beginning of March. This double sign has had a difficult year in 2022 and some trials remain to be overcome in 2023. For Geminis of the first decan, this beginning of March is not necessarily easy. When Saturn is in Pisces from March 7, they may want to change things on a socio-professional level. It’s not going to be easy because Saturn always involves work and sacrifice. “You just have to integrate that every possible renunciation and every “no” is to allow the construction of a more solid future for the years to come.“, recalls Annalisa Angelucci, astrologer, for aufeminin. Gemini must be patient.

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