this sign risks finding itself broke at the end of the month (he must manage his money better)

One of the astrological signs risks having money problems at the end of September 2023. He must therefore watch over his finances… At the risk of ending up broke.

The month of September is not over and it still has many twists and turns in store for each sign of the zodiac. Some will find love, others will have luck professionally or even in their finances… But this is not the case for everyone. Indeed, a particular astrological sign must avoid spending money on unnecessary purchases. Who ?

It’s about Ram. Indeed, this fire sign is going through a complicated period at the end of September, even if it started well. He must keep an eye on his wallet. But it is not simple because it is a impulsive sign who can spend without counting. Annalisa Angelucci, astrologer for aufeminin, alerts them: “Beware of crazy spending especially in the second half of the month.” She even specifies that the most “sensitive days for the portfolio” are September 17 and 29. So, if Aries is tempted by a shopping trip these two days, it is better that he refrains.

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These other astro signs who will have money problems at the end of September

Aries isn’t the only one who needs to slow down on purchases. Indeed, other signs can quickly find themselves penniless if they are not careful about what they spend: on material goods or on outings. Leo also needs to take care of his money or clean up his financial situation. Now is the time to do the accounts more precisely to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Sagittarius, too, is concerned: “A good dose of luck could help you in this last part of September and I do not exclude a possible good influx of money which must however be managed with wisdom and intelligence”, thus, luck is on his side but he must remain reasonable so as not to end up with nothing. Other signs, like Libra, have more luck when it comes to finances: “An unexpected sum of money can come from the past, from family heritage or manifest itself in an almost “magical” way”says Annalisa Angelucci.

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