This simple trick helps keep your New Years resolutions

Quitting smoking, going to bed late, or even being glued to your smartphone … Good resolutions made for the New Year never last very long. But this science-backed tip might help.

There are many for whom the year 2021 cannot be worse than the past. It must be said that the bar is not very high. Now is the time for some to grab a pencil and paper to jot down good resolutions to change little everyday things that will ultimately make your year better. Problem: few people manage to hold them. But that was without counting the science to give you a little boost.

More positive resolutions

A new study published by Plos One delivers a rather simple trick to achieve to keep your resolutions in 2021. You should not say or write “I will stop” but rather “I will start to”. Why does it work? Because according to Per Carlbring, author of the study, it is almost impossible to erase behavior, but it can be replaced by something else.

A method deemed effective

To put his promising theory to the test, the scientist grouped a sample of 1,000 participants in 2017 to divide them into three groups: the first received no moral support at all, the second received a little, and the third received. support all year round. Surprisingly, it wasn't the support they received to keep their resolutions that mattered, but the way the participants had formulated their wishes. Result: 60% of people who aimed to approach a new habit were successful compared to 47% who aimed to avoid continuing a habit already present in them. "For those who choose to make resolutions this year, I really encourage them to be realistic and kind to themselves", Lynn Bufka, associate executive director for research at the American Psychological Association, told HuffPost. Many people are already exhausted and lack the energy and cognitive resources to cope with significant changes. "

In short, if despite this tip, your resolutions for the year 2021 fall apart, it's okay, surviving a pandemic is hard enough

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