This sport that can make you happy in 10 minutes


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According to a Japanese study, a particular sport could make us happier in just ten minutes a day.

It’s no secret that sport is important for mental and physical health. But according to a new study, published in the media Scientific Report, a particular activity would significantly boost mood in just ten minutes. Drum roll please… This is jogging! And yes, this sport that we love to hate is extremely beneficial for the mind.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers ran 26 people on treadmills at moderate intensity. After the exercise, the participants were subjected to several brain exams including the famous “Stroop” test. This is an exercise where, for example, the word “green” is written in yellow, and the subjects must state the color of the word. Results ? After ten minutes of running, not only are the areas of the brain that handle emotions stimulated, but the reaction time during the “Stroop” test is also shorter.

Running, a good way to maintain your mental health

According to study researchers, “Running is not only an exercise that promotes physical health by improving cardiovascular endurance, strengthening muscles and bones, but also has a role to play in improving mental health.Better still, jogging would come before the bike in terms of well-being: “running, compared to pedaling, is a movement of the whole body that can impart better mental health by strongly stimulating the brain“, assure the scientists. So you now know the secret: to clear your head and boost your mood, you put on sneakers and you run ten minutes a day.

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